Hi! I’m Leslie.

My name is Leslie Wilson Pearce, residing here in Williamsburg, VA since August 2014. My work history since 1994 has been primarily in real estate. I moved here with my husband Steve and son Paul (now 17) from Charlotte, NC where I lived for 17 years. We also have a daughter also, who is finishing up a PhD program in CA. Originally, I came from Jackson, in west TN sandwiched between Nashville and Memphis. Williamsburg has been an easy town to acclimate to I feel, and we have enjoyed living here in this bedrock of history.

Steve has had Pearce Property Repair since January 2016. He was currently deployed with the Army for a year and a half and has 23 + year military career. If you have used Steve Pearce for your home repairs, we THANK YOU!

Immediately upon arrival in Williamsburg I obtained my VA license and affiliated with Long and Foster Realtors. After 4 years, I decided to take a leap of faith to pursue my dream career. WRITING. Consciously, I have wanted to write since  around 1999, and probably all of my adult life subconsciously? I have always said, “God gave me the gift of gab”, so I might as well make a living with this gift?

The list of purposes I for which I want to write:

  • to share
  • to inform
  • to encourage
  • to enlighten
  • to inspire
  • to entertain
  • I love home related information

I started in real estate in Memphis, TN then again in Charlotte, NC. So for those of you real estate agents, I know the processes and would love to help you spend more time with customers instead of writing your newsletters, email marketing, flyers, etc.

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