Hello friends, family & those I have not been fortunate enough to meet,

I have wanted to write for a living, consciously since about 1999, subconsciously probably all my adult life. My desire and purpose in writing has many-faceted goals. God gave me the “gift of gab” and a love of people, so I want to make a living at my passion for writing and creativity!

I will be sending out a monthly newsletter where I can feature you or your business. In the newsletter I intend to share interesting things going on in the community, other items, etc. Stay tuned and sign up at my contact page for my newsletter and or blog post.

We just celebrated July 4th in this wonderful country and 400 years here in Williamsburg. Think of how fortunate we are to live here in freedom. I love living in this bedrock of history.

My wonderful husband is deployed with the Army for the 4th time.  I intend to spend more time in history and writing for YOU. You may know Steve Pearce as Pearce Property Repair. He had a great home repair business for 3 1/2 years and will be anxious to get back to your repairs next fall. We Thank those of you who used his services.

Let me write for you!

Leslie Pearce, Copy Writer